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Milton police urge residents to help prevent burglaries | Crime

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Milton police urge residents to help prevent burglaries
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Milton police urge residents to help prevent burglaries

MILTON, Ga. -- In the last two months, a number of Milton residents have experienced burglaries at their homes.

No one has been hurt, and officers are actively working to find the perpetrators, according to Dennis Nelson, community outreach coordinator for the city of Milton.

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These crimes, while common throughout north Fulton County, still highlight the importance of Milton's Police and Citizens Together (MPACT) program.

MPACT trains residents to be the eyes of their neighborhoods and establishes a reporting and information distribution system for important updates.

Visit the city of Milton website to sign up for MPACT.

In an effort to keep the community safe and informed, Nelson has compiled a wealth of tips for homeowners.

"When it comes to burglary prevention, you need to know the basics," he said. "While some prevention techniques may cost you money, many are simple to do and are completely free. By making these simple changes around your home, you can make it a tough target for criminals."

Make your home look occupied

* Lock all outside doors/windows before leaving or going to bed

* Leave lights on when going out; connect lamps to automatic timers so they turn on in the evenings

* Keep car and garage doors closed and locked

* Arrange for the post office to hold your mail and a neighbor to collect newspaper and flyers while you are away

* If gone for an extended amount of time, arrange for someone to mow your lawn

* Have adequate exterior lighting; a motion-sensitive light is recommended for backyards

* Trim trees and shrubs to prevent them from being used as hiding places

Make it difficult to break into your home

* Make sure locks on doors/windows are secure; deadbolts are best for outside doors

* Change locks immediately if keys are lost/stolen

* Put special locks on vulnerable sliding glass doors

* "Pin" windows for security

Purchase or lease a monitored alarm system from a reputable company

Other basic precautions:

* Keep expensive jewelry in a heavy safe or a safety deposit box

* Don't leave keys under doormats, in flower pots/mailboxes, etc.

* Keep a detailed inventory of valuables; be sure to include descriptions, dates of purchase, serial numbers and photos/videos

* Mark valuables with your driver's license number

* Consider owning a dog for extra protection

What to do if you become a victim of burglary:

* Do not enter the house (the perpetrator may still be inside)

* Use a neighbor's phone to call the police

* Do not touch anything until the police have inspected for evidence

* Write down the license plate numbers of nearby suspicious vehicles

* Note the descriptions of suspicious people near the scene

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